Dinner from the garden

Mid-September in Atlanta can be unexpectedly warm. The meterologist is reporting that today is the 90th day we have hit 90 degrees or higher. With fall planting still several weeks away we're making the most of our last few, homegrown, summer vegetables.

What to cook with two large eggplants, one greenish-reddish pepper and two cherry peppers? Curry! We combined our homegrown ingredients with a bit of curry paste, a few small potatoes, an onion, rice and coconut milk (all from YDFM; see previous posts for more about YDFM). And wall-la! Dinner for two with leftovers for four individual lunches. Heart healthy, incredibly delicious, and local - my favorite kind of meal.

(For anyone wondering, the beer is Heavy Seas Great'er Pumpkin Imperial Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels. We shared a bomber. Super good. Get your hands on some of this seasonal beer if you can find it!)