Back to the land

An article from the New York Times Sunday Review has been lingering in my mind for three weeks. It's the story of a mother in Brooklyn, broke because of extenuating circumstances, turning to the land to feed her family. I was struck by how similar our diets are: homegrown veggies supplemented with dried beans and stretching one big piece of meat to last for a week's worth of meals. I'm full of admiration for the ways she has further immersed herself into the locavore lifestyle. She has chickens and makes bread and cheese. She is the model of where I hope to be if I continue to change my life bit by bit, day by day.

"Even if things turn around financially, I don’t think I could stomach going to Whole Foods (except maybe for olive oil) because my biggest revelation in terms of self-sufficiency is this: It is no big deal. You can tell yourself anything is too difficult, or you can just do it." Susan Gregory Thomas

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