Dinner from the garden - bibb lettuce with poached eggs

Tonight we ate the biggest, prettiest head of homegrown bibb lettuce for dinner. It was a simple salad: oil, vinegar, shallots, poached eggs, walnuts and some left over red pepper. A perfect dinner to follow a week of heavy holiday eating. 

For dinner last night we finally had left over turkey sandwiches. Delicious!

Tomorrow we're back to YDFM. I want to make a jalapeno, roast butternut squash soup. Oliver will be picking up groceries for our Saturday SEC championship tailgate party at the Georgia Dome. Geaux tigers!

From the comfort of his Macy's shopping bag, Topher would like to wish you a month of easy and affordable holiday shopping! If you're looking for gift ideas for locavores and foodies please check out the gift guide I put together on Etsy. It's full of gorgeous work by other Etsy craftersclick here!