Draft beer at home! A Christmas miracle

For Christmas last year Oliver asked for the supplies to turn his mini-fridge into a draft tower. He was making enough home brew to warrant turning our dinner room slash office into a part time bar so I agreed. A year later I'm happy to say it's been a very fun addition to our home! There have been only two mishaps: a memorable beer explosion and a disconnected line that leaked a couple of gallons of beer across the floor. Fortunately we were home for both and we able to save the beer and the floor!

Currently on tap are Micah's* Bourbon Vanilla Porter and the end of a keg of German Altbeir. On deck is a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. 

The collection of growlers is growing too. (A growler is pretty much a "to go" thermos for toting around your draft beer). These three are our favorites. 

The fancy handle is from the brewpub Albany Pump Station in New York.   We stumbled upon it during a road trip last November and couldn't resist the outrageous design. To the right is Wind River Brewing, a brewpub in Pinedale, Wyoming. (Oliver's Dad was a part owner and operator.) That particular growler was with us in Nebraska while we watched Perseid meteor shower from an airmattress in the bed of our truck. And finally, the Porter Beer Bar's 3rd anniversary growler. The Porter is one of Atlanta's two internationally recognized beer bars; it's also one our personal favorites.

*Micah is Oliver's sister. She visited from Massachusetts over Thanksgiving.