The Fabulous Beekman Boys

I was turned on to the Beekman boys (Josh and Brent) last year when my aunt in New York sent me a link to their heirloom garden tips. I was impressed that the tips were organized by growing region so I signed up for the email list. Outside of the bi-weekly emails I wasn't at all aware of the Beekman boys (in their defense, we don't have cable TV). Then last month my aunt said she went to their book signing. This prompted me to follow the Beekman boys on Facebook. Still, I didn't know that much about them or their brand. That all changed yesterday when I received a signed copy of their book in the mail from my aunt! One look at their fabulous "farm house" mansion (on the cover) and I was hooked.

I instantly went to the internet to try and find episodes of their show. First at Hulu (only clips), then (still not full length first season) and finally to Netflix. Bingo! I was able to stream the first season instantly. How have I not been watching this show all along?! In the first episode I recognized several of my RISD class of 2000 classmates in the audience at Josh's book signing. The same was true for the farm wedding featured in the 2nd episode. Such a small world. 

And oh! Those pigs, llamas and goats! The greatest. I eagerly look forward to the day when Oliver and I have the sort of property with room for such animals. (I've promised Topher he can be the boss of the barnyard). If you haven't already checked out the show, or you're looking for growing advice, I recommend checking out the Beekman Boys. While their lives are filled with the same tribulations as the rest of ours - it seems like they still have my dream come true.

Be sure to check out my Aunt Janet's paintings too. She does beautiful still lifes. She also did the cake toppers for our wedding which EVERYONE loved! Thanks again Janet. I owe you one!

Food posts coming soon! We're off to YDFM tomorrow.