Winter's stew (on a very springlike night)

When Oliver purchased the chuck roast on Tuesday he put aside a portion for stew. Thursday he cubed it, dredged it in flour/salt/ pepper/cayenne and browned it in olive oil. To this he added low sodium beef stock, garlic, cinnamon, paprika and onion. Two hours of simmering, then in with carrots and celery. Twenty minutes later he added the very last peppers from our garden. Ten more  minutes of simmering and the stew was ready! Oliver topped our dishes with homemade mashed potatoes - Mmm!

The only thing that could have made this great meal better would have been a winter night! It reached 70 degrees today. Warm enough that I went to the gym in a tank top (no fleece pull over for the car ride) and then came home and opened a few doors and windows. I doubt we'll be having a white Christmas but I'm very happy that our kale, bok choy and lettuces will have time to continue growing. 

On a separate note, I've been continuing to watch the first season of the Beekman Boys. In an episode I watched tonight they slaughtered their first barnyard animals (Porky and Bess, a pair the cutest pigs I've ever seen). I agree with their mentality but still found a few tears rolling down my face. People are often surprised to learn that I believe I will one day be able to not only keep chickens but also slaughter and eat them. I believe Brent explained it best. Knowing that this had been their plan all along they chose to give their pigs the best life possible. Now every time they enjoy a meal from them they will remember them. Most notably he concluded by saying "raising and slaughtering a pig did make me realize that never again should I eat a .99 cent hamburger - because that meat has  a much greater value then a dollar menu". I agree.