February is American Heart Month

"More women die of heart disease then all forms of cancer combined". Knowing the reality of your heart health is so important to living a long and healthy life. Use this awareness month as your reason to stop into a local pharmacy and check your blood pressure. The reading should be lower then 120/80. Then make an effort everyday to eat more fiber-rich real foods and less processed food-like "foods". While you're at, find a way to exercise just a little more. If you're reading this and know that you're already doing everything you can everyday to live your heart healthiest life then please use this month as a chance to encourage those you love the most to live their heart healthiest life.  You can even send them to this little blog for encouragement and ideas.

For even more ideas about how to keep a heart healthy pledge for the entire month check out this article on the American Heart Association's web page: Making Heart Health a Habit