Daffodils in the onion patch and other random things

In the backyard we have two kale plants (troopers planted last fall) and a few rows of onions. There was a moment last month when we got very excited because it looked like one of the onion plants had had  a major growth spurt. Then we realized - it was a daffodil planted in the "onion patch" a year or two earlier. Looks like we forgot where we planted our perennials. Opps...

The plants in the front yard are making progress - some for better, some for worse. The cabbage and bibb lettuce look great but two of the arugulas have already bloomed. That is not so good. According to everything I've found on the web, flowering arugula signals "that the season is ending and it's time to replace it with a warm weather crop"...


Last week's meals didn't get a lot of attention. That was due to a stressful work week not a lack of homemade goodness. Dinners were cabbage soup (shown here with potato pancakes and greek yogurt). Lunches were pinto beans. Breakfasts were oatmeal with coconut and banana. The work stress did crumble my no-weekday-booze goal (Tuesday I went straight from the office to our local watering hole) but it did not effect my ability to make it to the gym three times. (Yay! I have officially crossed into the 130s.)

Photo from Sunday's brewday. A month from now we'll be enjoying Oliver's double IPA on tap from our dinning room! Not shown here: the sudden cold temperatures and strong winds.

Topher on Sunday morning. 

Geaux LSU Tigers!