Farm fresh eggs in the center of the city

Three years ago this week a conversation about urban backyard chickens changed my life forever. I was at a friend's birthday party and a cute guy I didn't know was talking about wanting to keep chickens. I burst into the conversation enthusiastically - ME TOO! Of course, that "cute guy" is Oliver. And the shared interest in backyard livestock is one of the reasons we had chickens present during our backyard wedding last May. Those chickens (seen in our profile photo) were brought by our wonderful EAV (East Atlanta Village) friends Guillermo and Robert.

Now, to our luck, it's egg laying season and Guillermo and Robert have more eggs then they know what to do with! As soon as they posted to Facebook that they had fresh eggs for sale Oliver and I responded - we want some! There is even a rumor that they'll be selling their eggs at a few of the local farmers markets this spring and summer. I think I speak for all of Grant Park when I say "PLEASE come to our market"! But for now, I'm very excited about the dozen we picked up today. Thanks you guys!

The chicken shown here is a Cinnamon Queen. She is new to their very diverse flock. The darkest speckled eggs are from a Copper Maran; supposedly they are the tastiest. I'm looking forward to finding out.