Slow and steady wins the race

In late January, after being told by a doctor that all my heretofore efforts at lowering my blood pressure weren't good enough, I challenged myself to lose eleven pounds by my 34th birthday. That would put me at 134lbs and 34 years old (I liked the symmetry of it). As a person who prides herself on healthy eating there wasn't a lot I could do to alter my diet - so my options seemed limited to restricting alcohol consumption and increasing exercise (I was already working out three days a week) - so that is what I have done. 

There are just two weeks left in my personal weight loss challenge and tonight I weighed in  at 138lbs! I know that losing four more pounds in two weeks is unrealistic for me - especially because there seems to be a direct correltation between motivation and how hard it has become to keep a bra on. I do want to say - even though I am already really happy with how I feel at this weight - I will continue to try and reach my goal just because I am that kind of person. 

For me, the last few weeks have been a great reminder that fad diets are crazy. To lose weight and keep it off a person must change their habits. As an individual who tried Jenny Craig in high school, a lazy version of Atkins in college, Slim Fast and one frightening week of diet pills as a young adult I feel I have the experience to say "there are no short cuts to genuine health". Take your time, do it right and enjoy the feeling of knowing that your health is more then just skin deep. 

Oh and by the way - my blood pressure is looking GREAT.