Fancy Beer Friday

It's happy hour, do you know where your beer is?

I've decided to capitalize on Oliver's beer snobbery with a new regular feature I'm calling: Fancy Beer Friday. At least once a week Oliver brings home (or heads out for) a "fancy" beer that is only in town (or in season) for a short time. From now on I'll be passing on his insider beer knowledge just in time for happy hour on Friday.

This week we shared a new limited edition from the Lips of Faith series by New Belgium. The fancy Lips of Faith bombers never fail to please; Tart Lychee especially so. This one combines two of my favorite beer variations: oak aged and sour. If you haven't had a sour beer yet this a great place to start. Sour beers are refreshing and a perfect fit for hot summer days. But beware! This beer rings in at an impressive 8.5% (read: it will get you drunk - fast).

Bottoms up!