Atlanta's Streets Alive & the Bicycle Parade - Spring 2013

Inspired by the Great Muppet Caper, we decided to join the 2013 Atlanta Bicycle Parade as Muppets. I made both of our costumes from things we had around the house (felt, headbands, styrofoam balls and a foam Braves tomahawk). Sadly, the hour leading up to the parade was full of thunder, lightning, hail and flash flood warnings. Just when we were about to bail ten of our neighbors biked by our house, in full costume, on their way to the Downtown start line. It was just the push we needed! The wet weather kept most spectators at home but we still had fun. I'll use any excuse to dress up as Miss Piggy and ride my bike down the center of Peachtree Street! Our thanks and appreciation to the organizers of Streets Alive and everyone in the Atlanta bicycle community!

Atlanta Streets Alive