Favorite Podcasts

I'm writing this blog post in stealth during the monthly GPNA meeting (at Zoo Atlanta). MothBall planning and design continues to dominate my free time so I thought I'd share a few of the podcasts that I've been listening to while I work.

Favorite podcasts about Atlanta: Sidewalk Radio with Gene Kansas
- All Aboard, the Belt line! 11/1/10
- Alive at Oakland 1/17/11
- Sweet Auburn 2/27/12

Favorite podcasts about food:
- Freakonomics: You are what you eat 6/6/12
- Freakonomics: 100 Ways to fight obesity 3/27/13
- Table to Farm

Favorite overall podcasts:
- This American Life
- Radio lab
- 99% Invisible

Until I have a chance to get back to posting about Grant Park and heart healthy living, I hope you'll enjoy these great podcasts. I usually listen at work, Oliver listens while cooking, when do you listen?