Historic Grant Park

When the Grant Park neighborhood was under consideration for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places an inventory was taken of all buildings and homes in the area. The information was compiled into a series of notebooks - and those notebooks have recently resurfaced. Paul Simo, historic chair of the Grant Park Neighborhood Association, brought the heavy stack to a recent board meeting. Looking up my home and those around me was exciting!

Turns out our house was built in 1920, making it 94 years old! Our next door neighbor's house (where we were married in 2011) was built in 1889. Most exciting of all - I finally found out more about the gorgeous, overgrown Victorian home across the street. It was built in 1871 for/by (the) Lemuel Grant. The rumor I've heard is that his 2nd wife didn't want to live in their original home after it'd been used as a hospital during the Civil War. This was his home until he died in 1893. His wife lived here until 1912 when she passed (the same year the Titanic sank - and the fictional Downton Abbey begins). Now I'm dying to see inside!! 

If you live in the neighborhood and want to see what the inventory says about your home please contact Paul at historic@GPNA.org.