Riding bikes in Atlanta: just the facts!

Thanks to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition for compiling this helpful info! 

• Bicycles are vehicles under Georgia law, with the same right to travel on the road as other vehicles (with the exception of limited-access highways). 
• Sidewalks are for walking: It is illegal for adults (over 12 years of age) to ride bicycles on the sidewalk in the state of Georgia. Your risk of being hit by a car is actually higher on the sidewalk than in the road. Bicyclists on the sidewalk are less visible to drivers, especially at intersections and driveways.
• Take the lane: If the bike lane is too narrow or next to on-street parking, take the lane (ride in the middle of the traffic lane) at your discretion.
• When riding in groups, ride no more than two abreast, and as a courtesy, ride single file when faster traffic needs the space to pass you. 
• Light up the night: Every bicycle, while being used in the dark in Georgia, must be equipped with a white front light and rear red reflector, each visible from 300 feet.
• Wear a helmet: Bicycle helmets are required for everyone under age 16 and encouraged for everyone else.

• Expect the unexpected: Never assume a motorist sees you. Anticipate parked vehicles pulling into traffic, vehicle doors opening in front of you, and debris or other hazards on the road. Respect right of way rules.
• If you encounter an irate motorist, be polite, regardless of her/his behavior. To report an aggressive or harassing driver, or if you are involved in a car-bike crash, call 911. Please report all crashes, as this data contributes to bike improvements in Atlanta. Be ready with
a vehicle and location description, a license plate number and state, and an account of what happened.
• Scout your route to find streets that work for you. Remember, your driving route might not be the best way to get there by bike.
• Download this map here.

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