Blood Pressure Record

In 2012, when I was initially diagnosed with high blood pressure, I designed a little booklet to record my daily readings. Once my blood pressure was under control (through a combination of weight loss and medicine) the booklet worked it's way to the bottom of the stack of miscellaneous papers on my desk. Two weeks ago, during another visit to the doctor, my blood pressure was once again alarmingly high. The doctor's insistence that I return to daily monitoring sent me sorting through my paper pile in search of my old booklet. After flipping through it I had an idea for a redesign. 

My new Blood Pressure Record is a 2.75" x 4.25" booklet made from one sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper.  It's easy to print and assemble and is slim enough to fit in my wallet. Each booklet has space to record one week's worth of readings (morning & night). 

I'd like the booklet to bring greater awareness of heart health to the general population. To help this happen I've posted the file (and directions for assembly) on my website.  If you or someone you know monitors your blood pressure daily I hope you'll download a copy. If you like it  - please pass it on; this was designed to be shared. It can be a great conversation starter for heart health issues too!