Looking back - my first blog

Three years ago this month I wrote a post about my love for Iris Apfel and Bill Cunningham on my then-blog www.AndTopherToo.Blogspot.com. It was one of just a few posts that focused on my creative life and not on improving my health. Now it's 2017 and I'm ready to give blogging a second go-round. This time I know quite a bit about SEO and AdWords and e-commerce - and this time I'm more interested in sharing what inspires my creative process and the way I work.

To start - a few test blogs - reposts from my old Blogspot site. Enjoy!

#Repost: This is a little off topic for the blog, but words cannot describe how inspired and motivated I am by Iris Apfel and Bill Cunningham. Their bold, unapologetic, lively approach to incorporating creativity and design into everyday life quickens the beat of my easily excitable heart. My goal is to live to 2075. By the time I turn 80, I hope I am just like them.