Tuesday night grocery shopping - YDFM

The majority of our food shopping is done at YDFM (Your DeKalb Farmer's Market). The expansiveness and variety of YDFM borders on indescribable. But amazingness aside, I do have two minor complaints: 1.They rarely stock leafy greens grown closer to home then California. 2.The chickens could be more genuinely free range. Fortunately those are both problems I can solve on my own. The first by growing my own greens (which we do) and the second by finding a local free range chicken vendor (something on our to-do list).

I'll expand more on YDFM's greatness in the future. For this evening, I'd like to leave you with -

The first rule of YDFM is - don't talk about YDFM!

No, no, no. That's not right. The first rule of YDFM is:
2. The second rule of YDFM is, BRING A SWEATER!!! Even in the summer I need a hoodie. In the winter I need a winter's coat, hat and gloves. It's freezing in there.
3. The final rule of YDFM is, BE VERY WARY OF WHEN YOU GO. Tonight, a Tuesday after 7:30pm, it was great. A Saturday afternoon or Sunday after church - forget it. It's bananas. If you go when it's at maximum capacity your best bet is to bring a buddy, leave the cart in a stationary location, and tag team the shopping list.