Kitchen sink soup - YUM! Filling too!

This soup started as a vague idea and came together much better then I anticipated. All I knew was that I wanted a kale soup. Oliver and I agreed a cream and vegetable soup was counter-intuitive so we used a box of low sodium chicken stock. Then Oliver wanted to add cabbage (which I resisted at first but ultimately really liked). It needed more then liquid and leaves so we added Italian sausage, carrots and a can of tomatoes. When some left over okra appeared in the fridge we decided to add that too. 

I seriously thought this soup had the potential to be gross - but it is so good! I had no idea the kale and cabbage would retain their crisp consistency. They're delicious! Even two days (three dinners) later they're still very good! We've both agreed the soup didn't even need the sausage. In fact, by comparison the sausage is a bit bland. I topped my soup with a bit of homemade hot pepper vinegar and ate it with chunk of baguette.