Help me Michael Pollan!

My Dad and I recently got into an increasingly heated coversation regarding my strong feelings towards CAFOs and what turned out to be his lack of knowledge about them. The phone call progressed into a series of emails in which we both tried to convince the other to see the industry our way. Eventually, I stopped writing back. Not because I began to agree with him - but because I found myself out of memorized argugment. Since then I've been pushing myself to write a comprehensive blog post about why I no longer eat CAFO meats and why sustainable agriculture needs to be priority for all Americans. Fortunately, in addition to Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver there are many resources on the web. If my posts slow down for a while it'll be because I'm working on the best way to share my point of view. Until then, enjoy this great little animation of a Michael Pollan lecture. - Cullen

"Food Rules" by Michael Pollan - RSA/Nominet Trust competition from Marija Jacimovic on Vimeo.