Step by step lasagnas cupcakes

Better late then never! A super simplified tutorial on the "cupcake" mini lasagnas Oliver made for the baby showerSince almost all of the guests came straight from work we wanted to serve something that might be considered dinner but didn't require utensils and a place to sit. Mini "cupcake" lasangas were a perfect, delicious, real food solution. Give them a try at your next party!
What you'll need: wonton wrappers, a cupcake baking pan and the ingredients for your favorite lasagna recipe (we made one spinach and one pork).

Start by laying out the room temperature wonton wrappers as shown in the top left photo. Press the wrappers into your cupcake pan and fill with your prefered lasagna mixture.  
(We filled our meat lasagnas with a stewed tomato and ground pork mixture and then topped it with shreds of fresh mozzarella, a bit of ricotta and shaved Parmesan.) Onto that layer a third wonton wrapper and a repeat of your lasagna mixture. Then into the oven for 20 minutes at 375 degrees. Oliver embellished the lasganas with a basil leaf and sliced grape tomato before serving them to our guests.